Aluminum Body 2015 Ford F-150 Gets Thoroughly Tested

All New 2015 Ford F150 with Aluminum Body

Aluminum Body 2015 Ford F-150

Ford puts the metal to the pedal: New aluminum-body F-150 going through extra testing at Dearborn research centre

Author: Jil McIntosh

You don’t mess with success. That’s important when you’re redesigning a car, but it’s essential in a pickup truck, a segment that commands more customer loyalty and passion than possibly any other. Ford knows that when it comes to its all-new 2015 F-150, which launches later this year. It’s been the best-selling truck in Canada for 48 years, but this next-generation model has some pretty significant changes, including one that might be a hard sell to many: an all-aluminum body that’s the first-ever on a production pickup.

The company invited journalists to its research facility in Dearborn to learn about the testing the truck is going through.


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Pictures: 2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL

2014 C-Max Energi SEL 1/4

2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL quarter view


2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL side view

2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL profile view


2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL panoramic moon roof / sunroof

2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL panoramic roof


2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL trunk

2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL cargo area

2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL instrumentation

2014 Ford C-Max Energi SEL dash


Take a look at a couple views of the 2014 Ford C-Max Energi in Ruby Red Metallic Tinted (stock# 3688). This great-looking vehicle is versatile in so many ways, from its roomy interior with a configurable cargo area, to its Hybrid Gas/Electric engine. The large panoramic moon roof provides breathtaking views of the sky and a spacious feeling interior. State-of-the-art technology blends nicely with the aesthetics and keeps all your important controls within reach. This C-Max Energi also includes the Hands Free Technology Package, for when you don’t really feel like reaching. Stop by or call us at 888-829-5903 for more information and to schedule a test drive!

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Ford Does Burnouts, Demonstrating Mustang’s New Line Lock Feature

Author: Brandon Turkus
Been saving your pennies for a 2015 Ford Mustang? Put in a few extra shifts or some overtime? Got a great down payment ready? Well, however much you saved for your new pony car, start saving more – you’ll need the extra money to spend on tires.

That’s because the Mustang will come with a system called Line Lock, which can lock the front brakes electronically, allowing drivers to perform big, dumb, smoky burnouts without moving so much as an inch. It’s sort of like launch control, only the average driver might actually use it.

Better voice-activated browsing from Ford

Ford drivers with SYNC© AppLink©©

Ford drivers with SYNC© AppLink©©

Ford partners with Radioplayer on voice activated radio browsing
by: John Glenday

“American car giant Ford has chosen Radioplayer as launch partner for its SYNC AppLink technology, a new breed of voice-activated car radios. The software will enable vehicle occupants to control smartphone apps whilst driving as well as using voice commands and dashboard controls when it launches on the Ford EcoSport (SUV) next year, before rolling out across the entire Ford range by autumn 2014.” [Read more]

Surprising High-Tech Companies




6 Companies You Did Not Know Were High-Tech
by: Richard Satran

“Ford. Can a Detroit carmaker really be considered a technology company? No one would doubt that Tesla, the electric car pioneer from Palo Alto, Calif., is a technology innovator. But Ford might be more of a surprise. The carmaker has a Silicon Valley lab where it uses big data to research car drivers’ behavior and other information. Its SYNC car software was created as an open system that allows it to partner with technology providers. In one application, insurer State Farm uses it to collect odometer readings so insurance customers can quality for a really safe driver rate that’s verified online. The automaker is ahead of most rivals when it comes to other advances, like fuel economy improvements and an aggressive push into electric vehicles. ‘Ford raised the bar in fuel-efficient vehicles – and that is a very critical part of environmental footprint that they addressed,’ says Rebecca Henson, a senior sustainability analyst at Calvert Investments. She cited the Fiesta and Focus as breakthrough car models at low price points and with high fuel efficiency. Kelley Blue Book lists three Ford cars – Focus Electric, C-Max Energi and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – in its top 10 “Green Cars” more than any other global automaker.” [Read more]

Ford’s Moving Assembly Turns 100

Twin Cities Assembly Plant

Twin Cities Assembly Plant Timeline

Source: Ford Photo Library

As Ford’s assembly line turns 100, company still refining factories
by: Jerry Hirsch

“On the 100th anniversary of Henry Ford’s invention of the moving assembly line, the company he founded outlined how it is still refining his ideas. On Oct. 7, 1913, Ford rigged up a rope tow to pull Model T chassis across the factory floor to speed assembly of the car. The innovation is credited with greatly reducing the expense and time of manufacturing an auto, which paved the way for the mass marketing of cars.  Automakers will sell about 15.5-million vehicles in the U.S. this year.” [Read more]

Boing Boing and Ford Team Up

Cars that draw pictures based on your drive, an LED display to seamlessly communicate with cars behind you, a musical composition created based on how you drive. Pipe dreams? Hardly! These are just some of the innovations that were dreamed up and developed during the Boing Boing Ingenuity hack day held August 17, 2013, at the TechShop in San Francisco.